Call of Duty: Black Ops para DS, imágenes e info

– Has a two player co-op mode
– 6 player online options
– Perks System
– Has achievements
– Arcade and Challenge Modes
– Some missions will have players pilot attack helicopters and stealth fighter jets
– Companion product to the console versions
– Story/missions provide a different perspective and fill in the story
– Same engine as the previous Call of Duty DS games, but has been optimized/revised
– New user interface
– New button control scheme
– When picking up a dropped weapon, tap the icon to swap out for the new weapon, or you can drag/drop the weapon onto an inactive button
– Button controls option: Play with ABXY buttons, control pad, shoulder buttons only (no stylus)
– Customization controls options
– Auto-lock feature for Recruit/Regular difficulties
– Precise camera controls
– Weapon selection/multiplayer map scale/variety has been improved
– More sniper rifle/shotguns usage
– Crosshairs tweaked
– Perks system like the consoles games
– Co-op is separate from the single-player campaign
– Game pays homage to the knife throwing mechanic in GoldenEye 007 DS

Fuente: IGN



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