FIFA 11 para Wii, imágenes e info

– Traditional 11 vs. 11 match
– New street football mode: 5-a-side street mode: Each player has a unique style of play/abilities, can use the wall to jump past defenders, rebound passes to team mates
– Can use power meter to build up and blast shots, ignite a speed burst, send out shockwaves to opponents in the street football mode,
– Brazil, London, France, indoors locations
– Match types: First to score, Tug of War, Timed games
– Different goals: Elevated nets for lofted shots, wall goals, mini nets (tests accuracy)
– New attacker vs. defender trick system (head-to-head battles as you move up the pitch with the forward, do tricks to throw the defender off balance)
– Button-based shooting instead of waggle
– 30 licensed leagues
– 500 teams
– 15,000 players to choose from

Fuente: officialnintendomagazine



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